Sunday Night Movie: the best educational video ever

I have no idea who made this charming little claymation about Yellow Fever, or why, but it’s pretty awesome:

10 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: the best educational video ever”

  1. Not very many Yellow Fever cases hereabouts…

    This is more educational, imo, or at least more pertinent to our current condition …

      1. Slick!?!? I would call it blantant, but even that would be an understatement…
        The fact that things like this are even produced, straight faced, in the US, I dont even know where to begin, so I wont.

        Never mind though, everyone have the right to be influenced by what they choose, I cant argue with that 🙂

  2. The difference between these two videos, BioBob, is that the yellow fever one is strictly representative of facts, while the energy one is (while admittedly with some factual base), shall we say, highly extrapolatory. (Of course – The title begins with “if”.) Not to mention that it highjacks Alex’s thread!

    Coming back home, I couldn’t help wonder who the target audience of the yellow fever video was?

  3. The last reported case of imported yellow fever in the US was in 1924 according to this source. Lemme count on my fingers….that’s 88 years ago and historical, not educational, rofl.

    Now, if you wanted to discuss parents not vaccinating their kids for pertussis, measles, et al because of academic fraud etc, I would agree that’s educational and current. There is a lot of academic fraud these days – it goes along with all the crony capitalism and the Chicago way. Apparently we need to worry more about the Secret Service fraud in the tropics rather than the secrets of tropical disease.

    LOL, yes, yes I always “behave stupidly”. I always hijak Sunday night movie threads … I come from a long line of thread hijakers.

    1. Those who travel to certian parts of the Tropics for research, tourism or business might in fact encounter yellow fever. Agreed, there might be more currently relevant health education videos, but Alex was simply opining as to the efficacy of this one.
      As to the efficacy of the one you linked, BioBob, obviously so overblown and distorted as not to be of much use to any thinking person. Yes, little grains of truth in it, but wow! – What sensational packaging!

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