Here is the peer-reviewed statement about the fire ant Solenopsis geminata‘s pest potential, written by professional biologists at IUCN:

Solenopsis geminata has spread almost world-wide by human commerce. It usually invades open areas but can easily colonise human infrastructure and agricultural systems, such as coffee and sugarcane plantations in hot climates. Its greatest known threats are its painful sting and the economic losses due to crop damage caused by its tending of honeydew-producing insects. Solenopsis geminata is known to reduce populations of native butterfly eggs and larvae. It has the potential to displace native ant populations, but is susceptible to competitive pressures from some other ant species.

Here are myrmecologists from the University of California/Davis reviewing Solenopsis geminata‘s pest credentials in the Pacific Islands:

Solenopsis geminata is commonly referred to as the Tropical Red Fire Ant. It is an aggressive species with a painful sting and is known to cause damage to ecological and agricultural systems.

Here’s what My Ant Shop– an exotic ant business that ships Asian ants to the UK- says about Solenopsis geminata:

This is not the dangerous invasive fire ant which is called Solenopsis invicta.

Granted, the proprietor does note that the ant stings and requires buyers to sign a waiver. But seriously. Why sell a pest ant at all?