The Australia Photographs: Done

Brentidae (Cape Tribulation, Queensland)

Finally! Working up the insect images from my recent Aussie trip took longer than I thought- probably because I pay more attention to post-processing now that I’ve become a Lightroom convert.

In December I brought home some 3,000 images from Australia. 200 of these I judged good enough to add to my galleries. And, 12 of my favorites I selected this afternoon to share  at Compound Eye:

For the full set, in chronological order, go here:

Happy St. Paddy’s day, everyone!

7 thoughts on “The Australia Photographs: Done”

  1. Awesome photos Alex, really!

    And quite a feat to finish a batch like that. I typically end up taking a huge bunch of photos, sorting through half of them, editing a tenth of those that I keep and then forgetting about the whole lot. I wish I had the discipline to stay put at one photographic project long enough to finish it 😀

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