If you’re in the twin cities region of Minnesota and would like to hear about braconid wasp taxonomy & evolution, I’ll be giving the following presentation tomorrow afternoon:

“Traveling Across the Taxonomic Impediment:
Tales from Tropical Wasps.”

490 Hodson Hall
28 February 2012

3:00 Refreshments
3:15 Seminar

Dept. of Entomology
University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has one of the finest entomology departments in the world. It’s not Illinois, of course, but all the same I’m looking forward to the visit.

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  1. Dang, I am actually moving to UMN (but not to Entomology, to the EEB dept) in a little less than a month . . . wish we could have you for a repeat visit soonest! Say hi to Marla Spivak for me.

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