Gordon Ramsay’s Special Ant Chutney

Among the edible insects, Oecophylla weaver ants are especially tasty. Here’s celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay:

I showed this clip as part of the entomophagy lecture for Insects & People this morning. The students’ facial expressions were nearly as entertaining as the video!

3 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s Special Ant Chutney”

  1. I’ve eaten Oecophylla in Australia, but not in quantity. One fell on my neck and bit me while I was leaning too close to her nest. I instinctively slapped her, but felt bad for killing her and didn’t want to waste the meat I’d slain. So I ate her. I’d heard they were nice and citrusy, and I wasn’t disappointed.

  2. Just went to a lep party in Edmonton where we talked about eating moths. Would love to see someone post a chart of ants, listed by how good they taste. Would save a lot of spitting and cursing!

    1. LOL

      And think of all the nice, new, and unusual internal parasites you can learn about first hand too !

      Remember to cook your ants thoroughly !

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