Insect Fear Film Festival 2012: International Ant Films

1st place t-shirt design by Rob M.

February is the most exciting time of year in Chambana, Illinois. Why?

The Insect Fear Film Festival, of course!

Doors open at 6:00 pm, February 25th, at Foellinger Hall on campus. This year’s theme is International Ant Films, featuring the awful-yet-inexplicably-awesome ant thrillers Glass Trap (2005) and Bone Snatcher (2003).

The film festival also hosts a living insect zoo, an art contest, face-painting, and more! Visit the event web page for details.

And one more thing. Not only is this year’s theme amazingly anty, the accompanying artwork is well above par. Students and postdocs held a t-shirt design contest and the entries have been particularly inspired:

Design by Adrian Smith
Design by Andrea Walker
Design by Page Fredericks
Design by Alice Vossbrinck
Design by Katie Dana and Allen Lawrance
Design by Joe Wong

10 thoughts on “Insect Fear Film Festival 2012: International Ant Films”

  1. HOW CAN I GET THE T-SHIRT? This looks *fantastic* and have posted it at the Pestival Insect Arts Festival Facebook page.

    1. I’ll have to ask the Department to see if they sell t-shirts online. I know that grad students take extra shirts to ESA and other conferences to sell, so in theory they should be cool with it.

    2. Hi Matthew– If you are interested in having us ship you a shirt, we can certainly do that (will cost an extra $2.50/shirt). Email me at and I can send you the prices for the shirts and mock-ups of what they will look like. The shirts will not be the color of the background above; we will have them available in Indigo Blue and Gold.

  2. Such an exciting time of year! Thanks for the previews, Alex! Maybe I’ll host a mini IFFF on the west coast!!
    That’s a great idea to sell IFFF posters, especially online. It might revolutionize laboratory wall art worldwide.

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