Monday Night Mystery: The Case of the Squashed Mosquito

Several years ago in Florida, I was bitten one evening by a mosquito. I promptly swatted her and fed the remains to hungry Pheidole ants.

We do a lot of ant mysteries, so let’s mix it up this week and go for the fly instead. So: what is the mosquito?

I will award points to the first person to correctly pick the genus (5 pts) and species (5 pts).

The cumulative points winner for the month of January will take home their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my photo galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

18 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery: The Case of the Squashed Mosquito”

  1. Catherine Nalen

    Judging by the (what I think are) long palps and hairy golden legs, I’m going to go with Psorophora howardii!

    1. Psorophora howardii is on the money. The gold color on the legs reaching all the way to the thorax is the give away.

  2. I was taught by noted millipede and spider biologist Bill (William A.)Shear (of Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia) not to identify on the basis of damaged specimens or if you have only a male or a female…? Of course, I would guess Anopheles…but that isn’t even worth mentioning.

    Thanks for the photo with the Pheidole in it. Those girls I recognize and enjoy trying to decipher what the individuals are about. In my own weak ant studies I have just discovered the joys of identifying Pheidole — I have an idea why E. O. was hooked…

  3. I’m going with Psorophora ciliata due to the elongate, pointed abdomen, the large size of the mosquito, and the upright black scales along the golden legs. Female or it would have some crazy mouthparts and incredibly feathery antennae!

      1. Oh, thank you very much, i overlooked that the mentioning of Pheidole morrisi was related to the picture. Now i finally get the thread above 🙂
        (in my defense, i´m a foreign speaker)

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