Sunday Night Movie: “Sic ’em, Rex”

An ad for Aussie underwear:

Can anyone name the ant species?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: “Sic ’em, Rex””

  1. Arrrrrrrr yes that Ad it was even used a bill board (if that’s term)

    I don’t think they used Bull ants,Jack Jumper or Fire ants

  2. Camponotus sugar ants, but don’t know the species. I love the flinching giggle at the end that provides comic relief to the sexual tension. (That Rex is a spiky fellow.) Nicely produced!

  3. Day labor? I have marketed myself as a “microb wrangler”, when making aerobic compost teas, however “insect wrangler”? anyone know someone doing this?

  4. I think James correct with Camponotus consobrinus. But i never saw an Echidna eating Camponotus. All Echidna i saw where eating on Myrmecia pilosula nests.

    But very nice commercial 😉

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