And now, a cactus longhorn beetle

Moneilema sp. (Cerambycidae) Tucson, Arizona, USA

Note the soothing green backdrop. Take a deep breath. Relax.


photo details
Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro on a Canon EOS 20D
ISO400, f/20, 0.5sec, camera mounted on a tripod
ambient light

9 thoughts on “And now, a cactus longhorn beetle”

  1. My only exposure to this species has been through the Nintendo game Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. That’s probably a good thing, since I prefer a nice glass panel between me and beetles, at minimum.

  2. Great shot!

    I’m actually rather glad of the silliness today, because it has introduced me to your fascinating site – and kudos to you for keeping a cool head and not responding to the silliness.

    I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of your photography!

      1. I’m sure *this* time your views have shot up a bit! If so, it’s too bad it wasn’t a result of your wonderful photography and entomological commentary. But I hope, as with the commenter above, that many will now notice the finer things of the blog!

    1. I would suspect not – these beetles seem quite formidable on their own, with very tough exoskeletons and stout spines. The microhabitats of the Eleodes and this Moneilema are different as well. (And the resemblance isn’t very convincing, at least to my eye). But I’m not a beetle person, so maybe someone will contradict me with authority!

  3. Too many synapses firing at once in the instigator of the previous post’s head – YIKES!

    Cool green backgrounds, pleasant formicid family scenes, honeybees gathering Bouteloua pollen, etc. – Bring ’em on!

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