These people are killing journalism

Real headlines:

And the media wonders why so many people get their news from blogs.

18 thoughts on “These people are killing journalism”

  1. Totally agree. The newspapers here in NZ are notorious for this kind of behaviour.

    Also, love the ‘kill me now’ tag… says it all, really!

      1. Its the Daily Mail UK – nuff said.

        Probably squeazed that article in between some celebrity-royal gossip, a story about aliens, a story about some hyperobese person on welfare and the obligatory girl-in-a-too-tight-singletshirt-thinking-about-some-world-event shot.

  2. I believe that the headlines of articles are chosen by editors rather than the actual journalists, and the MSNBC article content seems pretty good to me. So it’s worth noting that this is probably more a piece of editorial inanity than flawed journalism.

  3. I eavesdropped on one of the newer professors in the biology department complaining about his paper on Anelosimus social spider juvenile male mating behavior being called ‘spider foreplay’ in the media. I think he said that it wasn’t even a paper he was distinctly proud of. I’m sure the attention to work in academia is good, but sometimes I wish people wouldn’t read media hype…

    1. Hey….Just one minute !

      Are you suggesting that journalists are analogous to prostitutes or that journalist are both pimp and prostitute ?????

      “Enquiring minds want to know” the National Enquirer

      1. I’m just pointing out that Alex is making a normative point. He’d like journalists to care about conveying accurate and relevant information to the public. So would I. That’s not what journalists do for a living, however; and it never has been. They do entertainment, advertising, and propaganda.

        Journalism is like evolution. What we value about it are its side effects, not its usual products, nonsense and pointless death.

        1. Amen to paragraph I, scratch my head to paragraph II. Personally, I value the ‘usual’ products of evolution far more than journalism as usual. I think a ‘scum rises to the top’ model works better for journalism than for evolution.

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