January shouldn’t be this warm

I can’t believe it’s January 5th. We should be beset by howling winds of the frigid tundra here in central Illinois. Instead, it’s warm enough that my backyard beehives are buzzing. Here’s a photo from just now:

10 thoughts on “January shouldn’t be this warm”

  1. hey Alex, a question for you.

    I am feeling too lazy to snorkel around the web but what is that slotted metal flange at the colony entrance-way for ?

    1. Ah- I was wondering if someone might ask. That’s a grate to keep the mice out. There’s no warmer, cozier, drier place for a little rodent than the unused corners of an overwintering beehive. Mice can make a real mess of the combs.

      1. Ahhh, a mouse excluder indeed.

        tyvm buddy !!

        those newly added Eurhopalothrix pix are awesome !! Thanks for posting.

  2. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got a feeling we here to the north of Texas are going the way of taht state last year … serious drought. We’ve had a string of wet years, which has always ended up being broken by a series of dry ones over time, and previous drought summers have often been portended by unusually warm, clear weather during the preceeding winter. And there’s always that atmospheric warming thing that some people don’t like to talk about that might some how contribute.

    1. Well, Dr. Trager, you know what they say about the weather — if you don’t like it, wait 15 minutes and it will change ;D

      Climate is simply a human construct attempting to fit weather square pegs into the construct round holes, but the truism simply changes its scale – if you don’t like the climate, wait 15 thousand years. LOL

  3. Well, I’d say it was warm here in Alberta too, but that would be exaggerating. Still, I thought La Nina years were supposed to be less unpleasant here, but last winter was ferocious and this year almost pleasant (so far and ignoring all the ice). Unfortunately, the two year mean mean would track normal, and the 100 year mean colder, so I don’t know what to think. But if myrmecos and BioBob are converging in interpretive models, then I think it is time to migrate to Mars.

  4. It’s warm here in Winnipeg as well. Well, relative to what we’re expecting – its not livin’ up to its “Winterpeg” name this time.

    The kids, though, got a treat tobogganing today with snow falling after weeks of no show. No significant accumulation, yet enough to make those dreaming about it over the holidays happy.

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