Answer to the Monday Mystery

The MNM took an entire month off, but you guys are still sharp as a fossorial foreleg. What was that strange entomological extravagance?

Arthropterus sp. (Carabidae: Paussinae) from Victoria, Australia

All ten points go to Kojun, who took less than 20 minutes to converge on the correct answer: the image showed the antenna of an ant-nest beetle in the ground beetle subfamily Paussinae. I’ll also give 2 points each to Ainsley and Amanda for the genus, and one to Ted MacRae for providing extra anatomical detail.

Also, thanks to paussine expert Wendy Moore, who kindly identified the genus via email.

7 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Mystery”

  1. These really are awesome beetles. I encountered a number of species in South Africa – unfortunately no photos (and even if I did take some they wouldn’t be anywhere near as spectacular as this one).

    Note to self – send paussines to Wendy.

    1. I really wish I knew. It was just under a rock, all by itself. Within 1m there were Camponotus, Rhytidoponera, Stigmacros, Iridomyrmex… it could have been any of them, or even others.

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