Australian possums…

…cuter than American possums.

Trichosurus vulpecula - Melbourne, Australia

The evening was so dark I could scarcely see the possum with my own eyes, but my camera & fast lens stepped up last night to capture this low light photo.

As wildlife goes, the brushtailed possum isn’t terribly exciting. It is like Australia’s gray squirrel, common even in urban habitats. Still, the possum seems exotic to visitors like myself.

photo details:
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens on a Canon EOS 7D
ISO6400, f/2.8, .4 sec

10 thoughts on “Australian possums…”

  1. I’m at Uni in Newcastle (NSW) and the possums are pretty much my favourite thing about campus – they make a walk home in the dark feel a whole lot cuter : P

  2. Yeah – brushies are an Australian favourite – and at the same time a major scourge of New Zealand (fur industry introduction from c. a century ago).

    The’re a number of different subspecies – the Tasmanian and SE Victoran ones are huge, massive, belligerent, rubbish-raiding, hollering, furry monsters while the Western Australian – central Oz ones are far smaller, quieter, nicer and more shy critters and less frequently encountered in the cities thanks to foxes, cats and clearing.;jsessionid=A7C453BBC536325F790FCBFB6051EF08

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