Sunday Night Movie: Are We The Baddies?

Mrs. Myrmecos and I are setting some sort of record for world’s longest layover at LAX. We’ve tried everything: coffee, several glasses of beer, Terry Pratchett. Yet our departure time is still hours away.

Miraculously, I have found enough free wifi to hook us up with a Sunday Movie. Here’s a clip from the brilliant Mitchell & Webb:

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Are We The Baddies?”

  1. I also feel your pain – intimately! I’m at LAX right now, waiting for the 9.15pm flight to Auckland, NZ – and we’ve been here since around 11.30 last night.

    Best wishes, my fellow traveler

  2. I have to admit, I would die with my Wifi. But yeah, at least you have people around so you don’t feel alone, and presumably windows to see outside. I’ve spent most of the past 24 hours locking myself in an empty windowless lecture hall. But enough complaining: Have a safe trip!

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