Slow Blogging Ahead

Australia's Rainbow Lorikeet is a common backyard bird

Winter descends again on Illinois, bringing insect season to a close. Time to head for the tropics!

Mrs. Myrmecos and I will be spending much of December in Australia, visiting her family and photographing the continent’s bizarre ants. In particular, I’m hoping to capture images of weaver ants weaving- a behavior that has thus far eluded me. Apparently I’ve been visiting the old world tropics at the wrong time of year, when conditions are too cool for optimal nest-building.

I might try to blog a bit here and there, but mostly I’ll be taking time off. The Monday Mystery will resume in January.

Oecophylla smaragdina - Cape Tribulation, Australia

14 thoughts on “Slow Blogging Ahead”

  1. Henry (Rob) Robison

    Have a good trip with your wife in Australia! You probably need some down time, but we will be looking forward to your return and to see weaver ants weaving, plus others! Happy Holidays Alex!

  2. chee-ahs mate. trow anuhda shrimp on da bahhhbee! ozzies: just messin with you freakin six white boomahs. i lived there for a year

  3. Do weaver ants always pose like that? Your photo looks just like the one on the cover of Mark Moffet’s book. I’ve assumed he took that one himself.

    1. Sorry, I shouldn’t say “just like,” I just meant the ant looks similar, though I’m certainly not the best at distinguishing individual weaver ants…

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