Answer to the Monday Mystery

What was that unidentified arboreal object? It was a bagworm:

Lepidoptera: Psychidae: Thyridopteryx ephemeraeformis, case suspended from a white pine.

Warren acted on this one with lightning speed, earning all ten points. Additional points go to Invictacidal (2 pts) for guessing the tree, and to hongmei (1 pt), for adding the taxonomic authorship.

Thus, the November Mysteries draw to a close. Nice work, everyone. Since different people swept the full points each week, including a tie, we have a 4-way tie for the month, each with 10 points:

Ashley Troth

I suppose I could pit these guys against each other in an sudden death mystery bug guess-off. But that’s just too much excitement, and I’m too busy packing to monitor the answers. Instead, email me for your loot, guys, or let me know if you’d like to guest blog.

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