Planning to buy Fire Ants? You're not in luck today. The World of Ants is sold out. Until the next shipment arrives.

You wouldn’t think it safe to mail live Malaria mosquitoes around the world. You wouldn’t, I hope, market MedFly as a fun pet. So why would anyone in their right mind do this?

Here is a list of known pest ants for sale by the World of Ants store, based in Germany:

Say what you will about Gerhard Kalytta, the ant smuggler caught earlier this year leaving Australia. Mr. Kalytta at least has sufficient conscience to refrain from selling known high-risk pests. The World of Ants? Not even a shred of responsibility. This store needs to be shut down NOW.

Buy yourself some ants known to be a factor in several bird extinctions.

Note: I believe my reproduction of the screen captures of the World of Ants website fall under the Fair Use provision of U.S. Copyright Law.