Inside an ant nest, a realistic view

For all the photographs I’ve taken of ants working inside their nests (like, say, this), it doesn’t look anything like that to the insects.

23 thoughts on “Inside an ant nest, a realistic view”

  1. After September’s workshop I have to ask: What flash settings did you use? I think you did a great job minimizing the hot spots.

  2. For all the levity here, though, there is a more serious point lurking in the darkness: any photo of an ordinarily obscured habitat will be artificial on some level.

  3. Proper exposure, white balance, sharpness and not to mention a killer composition, could be a real block-buster this one!

    You should do a stereoscopic version one day, for added realism

  4. The inside of an ant nest looks amazingly similar to a postcard of Big Bend National Park in the dark that I sent to my niece years ago. I wonder if there are significant similarities…

  5. Very funny Alex…I spent half an hour of my life trying to figure out what was actually going on. Well played, well played XD

  6. Marc "Teleutotje" Van der Stappen

    I have that photograph already a very long time on my GSM, depicting intergalactic space, and copyrighted by two of my children 😉

  7. I just discovered you’re blogging as part of the Scientific American network. My reader can’t keep up with you. ->ScienceBlogs -> ->Scientific American. Your “photo” should easily go for $4.4 mil. Heck, set the new standard and ask for an even $5 million.

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