I am pleased to announce my very first e-book. Insects! is aimed at the discerning 5 to 7 year-old, produced in collaboration with early-learning e-publisher Tipitap:

The book is bundled with several other, mostly science titles in the Booksy system. Booksy itself is free, as is your first book, with subsequent titles in the series downloadable for only $0.99.

I normally write for a college educated audience, so avoiding vocabulary like “myrmecochory” and “phenotypic plasticity” was a bit of a trick. All the same, any remaining difficult words are just a tap away from hearing them pronounced aloud. A distinct advantage of the electronic format.

Anyway, I don’t have an iPad myself. So I’d really, really appreciate impressions and constructive criticism from those of you who download it. I may be making more of these reading-level books in the future.