Monday Night Mystery

My apologies for the late mystery. I’m visiting family this week in New York and am off my regular schedule.

Tonight’s challenge is a piece of wing, highly magnified:

For all ten Myrmecos points, be the first to tell me the order of insects to which it belongs.

The cumulative points winner for the month of October will take home their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my photo galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

Good luck!

[note: this is not my image. I will disclose and credit the source when I reveal the answer.]

19 thoughts on “Monday Night Mystery”

  1. My immediate thought is that it is a Psocoptera wing, specifically a specimen of Peripsocidae. If I’m correct, the image is of the fused section of Rs and M that is characteristic of the family. One of the first things that I look for when I’m trying to identify a psocid.

  2. Just realised it might also be Megaloptera, but since Raphidioptera is way cooler little weirdoes I’ll stick with my original guess 😉

  3. Hymenoptera has been guessed, but no sense in not making a fool of myself. I guess it may be where the Median and Radial Sector veins come together (with a bit of CuA in the lower left) in the front wing of a Costa Rican Heterospilus sp. (Braconidae: Doryctinae).

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