Martin Horat predicts the weather…somehow

While I’m sure that sitting on an aggressive Formica mound to divine upcoming climate patterns has its charms, I don’t think I’ll be giving up on modern meteorology any time soon.

10 thoughts on “Martin Horat predicts the weather…somehow”

  1. James.C. Trager

    That guy’s “Schwiehtz” German is a hoot. He pronounces the word for ant “ompeissi” (textbook
    German – Ameise). 🙂

  2. So, Dr. Trager, can you identify on sight by locale? LOL. I wouldn’t mind Swiss weather over Texas, even winter weather, and I’d sure like to see those ant mounds in person…

  3. Unfortunate, isn’t it, that long range weather forecasts via Swiss ants is possibly just as accurate as “modern meteorology” ?


  4. Nah, this guy is definitely speaking a German dialect. Romansch is a Latin-derived language with quite a different sound.

    Linguistics aside, he’s a wierd dude. I worry about his eyes — Nothing like a squirt of concentrated, corrosive formic acid to make the eyes water.

  5. Hallo to the swiss people over there.
    Could someone please send me the exact words this friendly guy is saying?
    I’d like to learn this by heart!!!

    Thanks in andvance!!

    1. still interested in the exact swiss-german wording? here it is:

      S’git meini e guete Winter. Wieso ich das weiss?
      Chömid einisch go luege:
      Gsähnder die Hampeissi da? Die säged mier wi dr Winter chunnt.
      Verrechte Cheib. Die händ Oberschänkel wie en Schirennfahrerin.
      Stärnechäib, was isch au das? Da hetts ja no es Holländisches Hampeissi. Da hinde hetts no Änglischi, Französischi, Italienischi… Die Chömid zu üüs, die wüssid worum.
      Das heisst nur eis: bi üüs i dr Schwiiz gitts verreckt e schöne Winter mit viu Schnee ond viu Sunne.
      Chömid zueni, mer biised nid.

      may you do well!


      PS. As there are many different dialects and as it is a normally just a spoken (not written) language, there is no consensus on how to write swiss german dialect. i wrote it as i understood it (his dialect is from the canton of Schwyz). As you realize, the pronunciation is quite different than in the English language…

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