Coming soon to UC Davis: How to take better insect photographs

Another public appearance, this time on the west coast:

How To Take Better Insect Photographs

Alex Wild
12:10 – 1:00 pm October 26, 2011
122 Briggs Hall
University of California at Davis

cost: free

I am aiming this talk specifically at graduate students. Because scientists use images in many applications- from lab websites to posters and presentations- and because cameras are so available and inexpensive, I think basic photography should be as much a part of academic training as learning to assemble a poster or a conference talk. Thus, 50 minutes on simple tips for taking better photos.

I do hope those of you within easy travel distance can attend.

6 thoughts on “Coming soon to UC Davis: How to take better insect photographs”

  1. Would it be possible for someone in attendance to record this and make it available for download?

    13000 Kilometers is a little far out for me.

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