Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

Euschistus sp. stink bug (Pentatomidae) - Urbana, Illinois

5 points to Morgan Jackson for getting Order & Family (-1 for missing the genus, though!); 4 points for Matt Bertone for the correct genus; 1 point to Mark Fox for brazenly attempting a species guess, and one point for ABM for the tongue depressor comment.

We’re all on alert for the dreaded marmorated stink bug that has plagued the east coast in recent years and and has been sighted in our area. But there are some non-pesty native look-alikes, and Euschistus is one of them. The groove on the tibia I showed in Monday’s post is diagnostic for this genus.

2 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. LOL! I got a point! Thanks.

    But seriously, I need to learn so much more about ants and insects and I gain so much from these posts. So, thanks to all of you showing off your superior knowledge and eyesight.

    That is one cool bug.

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