Sunday Night Movie: Microcosmos

The trailer for Microcosmos, a 1996 macro masterpiece by Claude Nuridsany & Marie Pérennou.

Microcosmos contains what might be the most famous sex scene to ever grace the silver screen. If you’ve not seen it, do.

*update* – after posting this, Mrs. Myrmecos and I decided to watch Microcosmos on Netflix. It’s such a pleasure to watch an unnarrated film. Nature does not need some blowhard reading an overdramatized script.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Microcosmos”

  1. at first i was like, 1996? that’s before i was born! was film even invented? but then i watched the trailer and i have to say, those cavemen did a pretty good job! that sex scene was pretty awesome too. wonder if love darts were involved?

  2. This was the first bug movie that I had ever seen in a theater Very impressive on the big screen, although many of the filming techniques used in it had already been done by the amazing crew at Oxford Scientific Films.

  3. Saw this one day on some cable channel years ago, and fell in love with it and macro photography. I just loved how it’s a world that is all around us, but we rarely spend time to look at well enough.

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