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  1. Lovely images as usual!

    The first mantis I ever met was in a bunch of parsley that my brother was planning to eat. (He had weird food cravings while studying for exams.)

    We put it in a jar and fed it bugs from the garden until it died when a grasshopper kicked it to death.

    I suspect that if we had kept the corpse, something might have hatched out of the body. We found a dead mantis in the garden a couple of days later with caterpillars crawling out of the abdomen.

    Everything is so exciting when you are four: even death!

  2. Some really excellent photos in that lot, Alex. Thanks for posting.

    1650s, “type of insect that holds its forelegs in a praying position” (especially the praying mantis, Mantis religiosa), from Gk. mantis, lit. “one who divines, a seer, prophet,” from mainesthai “be inspired,” related to menos “passion, spirit” (see mania). The insect so called for its way of holding the forelimbs as if in prayer.

    Alex, you are simply reinforcing the more or less accurate meme of anti-religion academicians, ROFL


    1. Crap like that link is why I’ve got no patience for religious apologetics.

      It’s not the burden of non-believers to provide evidence for a lack of god. If Patrick Mead wants to believe in a god, good for him. I don’t have a problem with that. If I don’t believe in a god, then that should be fine by Patrick Mead. But apparently, it isn’t.

      Why demand that I waste my time gathering evidence for the non-existence of an entity that doesn’t interest me in the slightest? Really. I don’t care. The existence of god is just about the most boring topic I can think of.

      Besides, mantids don’t pray. They prey. That’s not being anti-religion, that’s being accurate.

      1. How much I love these thoughts of you! And how much I love those clever and curious looking insects! 🙂 This year the weather here was not too good for them, but last autumn there were lots of mantes out in the meadows and I could not resist to walk them on my hand and talk to them while walking to the next bush where I put them off. 🙂 I have never ever met any other insect that really did pay attention to what I said. :-))))

      2. LOL

        That WAS one of the points, but clearly the original scientists dealing with the taxons lived in a milieu of more or less enforced religious conformity which is reflected not only in the common name but ALSO in the Family and some generic names, which was the second point.

        The third point is that you have to admit that there is a definite antipathy by many to religious viewpoints in academia which is largely unnecessary. There is plenty of room in a secular society for diverse viewpoints and, as you say, why should we care or pay attention ?

        my karma ate my dogma

  3. I always thought that the name praying mantis was a satire on religion since it imputes a show of piety to a voracious predator. Sounds like the sort of name a Lutheran might come up with for a Catholic priest. Anyhow, prayer does occur even if there is nobody or no thing to pray to so using the word hardly endorses belief in the supernatural.

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