A late season princess

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queen antIt’s late in the season for ant mating flights, but this little queen showed up just now at our porch light. In life she’s only half a centimeter long.

photo details:
Canon MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens on a Canon EOS 7D
ISO 100, f/13, 1/250 sec
two remote strobes bounced off white paper

6 thoughts on “A late season princess”

  1. We had an explosion of them yesterday. Made me think of you. Still struggling with the new camera and don’t think I got any good shots. 🙁

  2. James.C. Trager

    These look so Lasius-like, but only half the size, and with fewer antennal segments, 9 rather than the 12 of Lasius. (I have a hunch this latter is what exploded in Buglady’s world, but let’s see what she says….)

    And speaking of long, those wings really do just go on and on!

  3. She is a princess. How beautiful. Pogonomyrmex comanche still hasn’t flown in north central Texas. We are getting a bit of rain just now (finally) but it is only enough to tease the ants…

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