The Return of the Monday Night Mystery

What’s this?

Are we hallucinating, or is this really part of an insect?

Ten Myrmecos points will be awarded to the first person to guess the subject (Genus & species) of this entomological photograph. The cumulative points winner for the month of October will win their choice of 1) any 8×10-sized print from my photo galleries, or 2) a guest post here on Myrmecos.

Good luck!

24 thoughts on “The Return of the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. Looks like the wing of a large bee – and with that metallic sheen I’d guess it’s a Xylocopidae. Xylocopa would be the genus and it’s probably X. californica from your recent trip to Arizona!

  2. Ok, I’m leaning toward a carpenter bee of some sort, particularly if that is pollen on the hairs of the hint photo. I haven’t found anything that transitions from blue to orange like this wing, but maybe that’s a trick of the light, either reflected or showing through the end of the wing. Xylocopa violacea looks the most similar of the ones I was able to quickly scan through online.

    1. Hmmm… you might be right, and especially after seeing the ‘hint’ I am leaning your way. Perhaps X. valga? The European carpenter bee’s wings also have similar colouration.

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