My very first ant photograph

It’s February 16, 2002, shortly after noon, and I’m playing with a brand-new Nikon Coolpix 995 fresh out of the box:

Linepithema humile tending scale insects in Davis, California

Looking through the archives, I do believe this is the first live ant photograph I ever took. I suppose I had to start somewhere.

*update* Really? You guys really think this poorly focused, poorly lit, lame excuse for a photograph passes muster? Humbug, I say. It does have promise in hipsta-matic, though:

6 thoughts on “My very first ant photograph”

  1. I am regrettably closer to the out-of-box end of the quality spectrum despite six years of DSLR ownership. Looking forward to your talk at Davis this month!

  2. Henry (Rob) Robison

    This photo portends great things to come from you! You show your natural talent for ant photography with this very first ant shot…. Great job!

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