7 thoughts on “New posts over at Compound Eye”

  1. Apart from the fact that I am unwilling to register and log-in to yet another corporate entity, your links are fine.

    I would suggest that anyone who was distressed by the jury’s choice in the photo competition try being a juror: after multiple hours in a small space looking at images of images?!

    I hate the “star”, but it is the most amazing photo!

  2. Just a note on access – I can’t visit Compound Eye from my work computer using Internet Explorer 8 because I get a message that the site is using a script – IE8 then freezes and I have to ctrl alt delete to get out.

    No problems at home with FF or Safari.

  3. That’s great news that SciAm is reviewing their comment policy. A few times I’ve wanted to comment over there, but I just don’t have the time to read through and agree to the multiple page license agreement they require for registration. If they shorten it down to one or two paragraphs I’ll make the effort.

  4. I have passed your comments on to Scientific American. We bloggers are growing impatient with the powers that be over the slow pace of action on opening the comments, and having documentation of reader discontent is actually rather helpful to us.

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