Look! A New Font!

A comment left last week on my bugs gallery:

Love your photography – it has given me so much inspiration! Though I must say, I am surprised that you chose Papyrus font for your title… It’s going the way of Comic Sans, update it!

I’d been thinking the same for the last year and a half. I completely agree. Papyrus is one of those cutesy, overused type faces.

Yet changing the site banner is one of those small tasks on the bottom of the to-do list that never quite gets performed. So with the new and well-deserved kick in the pants from the commentariat, I sent Mrs. Myrmecos font-hunting yesterday. She has far better taste than I do, you see, and I’d probably come home with some untrained variant of Comic Sans. Anyway. Mrs. Myrmecos returned in no time with the lovely and architecturally retro Neutra. I was hooked.

From this:

To this:

A minor change, but I’m pleased. Too bad I can’t blog in Neutra.

8 thoughts on “Look! A New Font!”

  1. Alex

    Mrs Myrmecos mother likes the new Font. I like old Font better so we have split decision in this household (down under)

  2. I find the old one more artistic than cutesy, and preferable to the new, rather blocky one.
    But what do I know? It’s a split decision here, too, the real artist in my house deems Neutra “more professional”.

  3. The new one is a better choice because Papyrus is hackneyed, but the kerning is better in the old header. The new one is too widely/evenly spaced, it seems to me. For instance, the space between the ‘r’ and the ‘a’ in photography: in the old one, the tip of the r projects over the loop of the a, and in the new one, they don’t overlap at all. The new one almost looks like a monospaced font, in which each character and the space following it are uniform, irrespective of the adjacent characters. Even if Neutra is designed to be monospaced, it should be pretty straightforward in whatever graphic design software you use to manually adjust the kerning between characters if you want to.

    Anyway, the new one is better even if you don’t fuss with kerning. I just like to say kerning.


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