10 thoughts on “BugShot 2011: the Aftermath Continues”

  1. Hey Alex, this isn’t about BugShot (though I’d love to come sometime), I’m just in the middle of Sex on Six Legs by Marlene Zuk, and caught your name, in reference to what ants of which you’d like to see sequenced genomes first. She only mentioned New World leafcutters, parasitic wood ants, and bullet ants, though. What others did you choose?

    1. *”in reference to the ants you’d like to see sequenced genomes of first,” how about. Wow, that sentence got mangled in editing.

        1. As is always the case with writing a book, one has to use information that’s pretty dated by the time the book comes out — and that was particularly true for the genome chapter. I’d love to hear an update on your thoughts about this . . .

  2. Henry (Rob) Robison

    I am already planning to attend next year’s BugShot 2012…. AND buy new gear! Can’t wait to see you guys again!

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