September 11

I can’t add anything substantial to the mountains of ink already spilled in remembrance of 2001, other than to note that I was in Jamaica for field work at the time.

The attacks affected the local people just as much as they affected me. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. New York City hosts a large Jamaican population, and people in the shops and around our hotel knew more people in Manhattan that I did. 20 Jamaicans died in the tragedy.

I have trouble listening now to the bolder America-centric narratives of the day, even as I recognize that the attacks were leveled against American targets. The world is too connected.

3 thoughts on “September 11”

  1. I remember I was in third grade at the time. We were about to start class when my teacher came into the room in tears. She explained to us what had happened, and I raised my hand to ask if this was as an accident, since I’d heard of planes crashing before. I knew what had happened but I didn’t see why this had to cause such a big fuss; if anything I was miffed that such an exciting event had to happen in New York and not Milwaukee.

  2. During that day, I just woke up (if I remember correctly (IIRC), 8/9 AM pacific daylight timezone (PDT) since I was unemployed from the dotcom bust) and came to my Windows computer with Internet. I saw my friends chatting in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) room something about a plane crash. I thought it was an accident, then I noticed terrorism, WTC, etc. Then, my “queen ant” told me about it briefly in person. I decided to turn on my 20″ cathode ray tube (CRT) television (TV) [still have it today and it was from 1996!] and saw all the local news stations (rabbit ears) on this. I saw the replays of an airplane crashing to a tower. Very quiet day for my family too since it was so sad even when we ate together. 🙁 Such a bad day for everyone.

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