BugShot 2011: the aftermath

am wrapping up closing details on my way home from a smashingly successful bug photo workshop. A tremendous group of people!

I’ll blog BugShot in detail later. In the meantime, the words and pictures of others who attended:

update: home, at last! Two more:

14 thoughts on “BugShot 2011: the aftermath”

    1. Though, I had to leave early I came away awed and inspired. You and your team should get a kick back from vendors ;-0

      I learned so much and met such great folks. Thanks

  1. Absolutely wonderful photos, every one. Thanks for sharing.

    But where are the ants?

    And why is Dr. Trager listed as having an interest in ant taxonomy? I thouht he was Mr. Ant Taxonony.

    1. True that I only publish in ant taxonomy, but it is in fact one of many rather well-developed interests that I have. In fact, I may have too many, and they distract me. It was great (and rather humiliating) to meet all the really good insect photographers. I felt a bit like the proverbial “jack of all trades”, but certainly not masterful in arthropod photography — but I did learn some things that can help.

    2. I quickly discovered that James’ knowledge is vast and extends well beyond the world of ants. I really wish there was a book-sized version of his brain that I could put in my field kit…it seems there’s nothing he can’t ID!

  2. Finally back home after a bumpy flight, thanks to t/s Lee. I’m just now starting to digest the ideas and tips from BugShot. One of the highlights for me was meeting so many people with similar interests, and sharing their knowledge. Already looking forward to the next BugShot.

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