A preview of the BugShot venue

Hooray! We’ve just returned from a productive organizational visit to Shaw Nature Reserve, site of the upcoming BugShot photography workshop. It’s gorgeous!

The cabins are clean and comfortable, the meeting room is spacious and airy, the surrounding prairies are in full bloom, and the ponds are positively buzzing with dragonflies. Those of you attending will receive updated information from us shortly. Those of you not attending should register: we have 3 spaces remaining 2 spaces remaining 1 space remaining.

And for everyone else, some snapshots from today:

The Dana Brown Education Center will host BugShot presentations & meals.
One of four woodland cabins where BugShot attendees will be lodged.
Worried about rustic bathrooms? Not a problem. SNR has the cleanest facilities I've ever seen.
James Trager, ant taxonomist and Shaw's resident naturalist, at the Casa Audlon Lodge. This cabin is one housing option for BugShot attendees staying on-site.
The BugShot 2011 advance scouting team: Jo, Patsy, & James.
James thought I was taking a photo of him, but it was all a flimsy excuse to shoot a thorn-mimicking treehopper.

13 thoughts on “A preview of the BugShot venue”

  1. Envious!!

    That James guy looks familiar- in fact, I feel as if I had just spend ten days looking at ants with him. Weird…

    1. Hey Suzanne. About half the participants are flying in, and Patsy (in the photo above) is working hard on making sure the ride sharing is working and that any stray attendees do get picked up. I’ll put you in touch, just in case.

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