Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

The beast looked like Cthulhu, but no. Sadly. The real creature behind Monday’s challenge was this leggy monster:

Scutigera coleoptrata - the house centipede

Ten points to Tom Schmeelk for a quick and correct answer. And, two bonus points to ihatephids for pointing out the resemblance to our watery master.

Also, two more points to Andrea Walker, a new grad student here at UI, for kindly catching the centipede for us.

7 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. I love house centipedes. We get some larger specimens wondering around our house late at night, up to almost 3 inches long, here in Kansas City. My 4 year old likes bugs as much as I do and she freaks out if she finds them in her bath water, insisting that they be extracted and gently dried on paper towels.

  2. When they’re tiny they’re very cute, I think. But when they get big they become one of the very few arthropods that can unnerve me just by moving.

  3. Centipedes are one of the few things that actually make me go ick! I saw one once in our basement along with a spider that could have been a giant brown house spider or a hobo for all I know. I was relieved. Of course, I was also assuming the spider would eat the centipede not run in the opposite direction in blind fear. Really?! You’re supposed to earning your keep here especially if your poisonous. Sigh.

  4. AAAAAAAH! A B-JILLIPEDE! These things make my skin crawl, although I tolerate them because I think they’re carnivores, correct? Anyhewsit, as a general rule, I am not so keen on bugs that are faster than me. Bjillipedes can RUN. Yeeee-gads!

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