New Neuroptera Gallery

If you’ve not yet had your fix of insects for the day, you should visit my newest online gallery:

Neuroptera: Lacewings & Relatives

It’s just a small set of photos, but the lacewings are such a spectacular group of insects I hope to have more soon. Climaciella brunnea, above, is a mantisfly mimic of the common paper wasp.

5 thoughts on “New Neuroptera Gallery”

  1. I should have taken more science classes in university. That’s a lacewing? Antlions are lacewings?!
    Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Lovely, I support any increase in your gallery’s diversity!

    And I seriously wonder why Mantispidae and Mantodea are never used as an awesome example of convergent evolution. Seriously, the eyes, shape of the head, antennae, forelegs, abdomen…
    They look so similar that I even had trouble figuring out whether photo I took of an individual in Danum Valley was a Praying Mantis or a Mantisfly!

    Cheers and keep up the good (that is, extremely good) work!

  3. Michael Suttkus, II

    Neuroptera are second only to the Odonates in my love. SECOND! Where is your damselfly gallery!?

    But, seriously, great gallery.

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