BugShot photo workshop making the news…

in Belgium:

Sixteen-year-old Maxim Piessen of Kapellen (Antwerp) has secured one of the three coveted wildcards in a prestigious workshop on insect photography in Saint Louis (USA)

I hadn’t thought to call our student fee-waiver program a “wildcard”, but that’s how the Belgians are reporting it. We are excited to have Maxim participate, wildcard or no, as his work is astounding. Bold, stark, brilliantly composed.

The BugShot 2011 photography workshop will bring together 30 or so arthropod enthusiasts for a long weekend of sharing tips and tricks in Missouri’s beautiful prairies. If you’re thinking of attending, you’ll want to register soon as we are close to full.

7 thoughts on “BugShot photo workshop making the news…”

    1. I just had the same thought five seconds ago, when I realized that a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC photographer is going in addition to all the other awesome peeps (yourself included). I think I’m going to just wander around with my mouth agape and a dazed, dreamy look on my face for three days. My brain has already short-circuited over this workshop and I’m not even there yet.

  1. It all sounds so exciting I almost wish that I spent more of my time capturing bugs with a camera. I am most impressed with Maxim’s images!

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