Sunday Night Movie: QI on the Schmidt pain index

Continuing with our theme of British comedians, Stephen Fry discusses the Schmidt pain index:

6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: QI on the Schmidt pain index”

  1. Excellent. Justin Schmidt and I have exchanged some emails about this since I recounted in a Hamuli article (volume 21 (1), the ISH newsletter) that I have been stung by Pogonomyrmex comanche on the arm, leg, tongue, and lip. I found the arm and leg stings to hurt worse and last very much longer, several days in fact. While the sting on my tongue stopped huring in a manner of minutes. Justin suggested I test this out more systematically. I suggest all collectors of ants, check your apsirators thoroughly before every use.

    1. Huh. I wouldn’t have guessed that the arm/leg would hurt more than tongue/lip. Thanks for sharing this tidbit.

      I had an aspirator fail in Argentina once, which resulted in skatole-smelling Pheidole jelskii clinging to my tonsils in a rather uncomfortable manner.

      1. I’m sorry I am not the only fool using an aspirator but also sorry for the shared experience.

        I am guessing I got more venom on the leg and arm since they were obviously prepared for the attack. When I aspirated them up, I think they were so surprized and in a more awkward position and I spit them out immediately, thinking it was a big wad of sand. Justin seem to be hinting at the same thing and so wanted me to thoroughly test this out (I think he was kidding but this is Justin, one never knows). Fortunately, I am not that much of a fool — Dr. Mueller at UT having warned me about possible problems from continuing exposure to the venom.

        1. I guess that’s why Bioquip recommends filters for use with mouth-operated aspirators. I just wish they were cheaper. And, I wonder whether they reduce the airflow enough that the aspirator becomes hard to use?

  2. tim eisele: there was a filter. Only a complete idiot would aspirate without one — afterall you did not (usually) mean to eat the insects or breathe them in! The filters do not always stay in place.

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