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  1. idk … all the ppl viewing my philippines ant album on fb can see the limits of an $800 camera. it’s okay for cats and flowers imo, but don’t go shooting blue-antlered treehoppers (shameless plug) from one foot away and trying to crop full-frame. i do like the 720 vids, but bring on the 1440! (i’m talking to you, canon)

  2. i should clarify that’s $765 for camera, lens, macro converter, spare battery, cleaning kit, etc (whole rig but no tripod)

  3. I’m taking a chance here, hoping that I might get some insight on what the heck it was I saw last night . . . . .

    Moved out from the East Coast, now living in Surprise AZ. Granted, there are some of the funkiest insects I’ve ever seen out here (despite living in Mesa almost 20 yrs ago) – BUT last night I saw the freakiest looking ?beetle land on my patio – obviously attracted by the light. It looked very much like a Palmetto bug from Florida – though I’m not so sure how common they are out here in the desert. This thing was no smaller than a good 5-6 inches long – and maybe even bigger when it landed on the post out side, sat there for a while before it’s wings came out from underneath its hard solid BLACK shell and flew over to the patio wall, closer to the light. It really was pretty much the same shape as a Palmetto – like an almost perfect oval. A shame that my camera was upstairs, because it was gone by the time I came back downstairs to take a picture. This really isn’t like one of those ‘fish stories’ . . . this thing was very literally HUGE! Also the reason why I didn’t let the dogs out, who were just dying to get a closer look. All I could say was – ewwww, groooossssss!

    NEVER have seen anything like that out here before – and certainly cannot find anything online that comes close for this part of the Country.

  4. Acanthomyrmex

    But will you still be linking to the Thrifty Thursday articles? I love reading them and they encourage me to try to use the cameras I have effectively, but putting ANOTHER blog in my RSS reader could well be the end of my thesis!

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