Answer to the Monday Night Mystery: Cecropia Moth

A mating pair of Cecropia moths, Hyalophora cecropia. The female is on the right.

What was that Tiger-Skin Rug?

It was a close-up of the abdomen of North America’s largest moth, Hyalophora cecropia. I happened across a mating pair while taking out the garbage the other night, of all things, and spent the next couple hours arranging the above photograph.

Ten points to MrILoveTheAnts for a game well played. With two consecutive wins, MrILoveTheAnts accumulates a total of 18 Myrmecos points for the June Mystery Title. Congrats, MILTA- email me for your loot!

Hyalophora cecropia

8 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery: Cecropia Moth”

  1. It always pays to focus attention while taking out the garbage. Good for you on both counts!

    (Favourite moth memory from childhood: my brother woke me up because there was a Luna Moth on the screen window of our cabin. It was so beautiful, and breaking out of a cocoon.

    We got to watch it dry off the next morning, then fly away.

    Ain’t life grand!!

  2. Great to see these shots – I actually never once saw this species alive in my 10 years of mothing in Illinois! I did come across scavenged remains under lights once or twice; but they seem to be doing poorly with the Tachinid/Gypsy Moth control.

    1. In addition to this pair, a male visited our porch light a couple weeks ago. I wonder if they may be rebounding somewhat (assisted, perhaps, by Joe Spencer at INHS who has been rearing and releasing these in some number).

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