BugShot 2011 adopts Beetles in the Bush!

I am pleased to announce that our upcoming BugShot insect photography workshop has recently picked up the Beetles in the Bush guys- Ted MacRae and James Trager- to assist in the event.

I am particularly excited to have James and Ted on hand, as both are superb field naturalists with years of experience in the habitats we’ll be exploring. For example, James is an expert on the Ants of Missouri, and Ted is… well, I presume you all read Beetles in the Bush. Right?

Ted will also be organizing a panel discussion on photography-in-social-media, a programmatic addition once we realized many participants are also bloggers.

Here is a map of BugShot attendees as of this afternoon (as drawn by TicketLeap):

The event will be held in St. Louis, and registrants predictably cluster near the center of the continent. Oddly, none of the registrants are from Missouri itself. Is Shaw not exotic enough to attract locals? Or am I drawing too many conclusions from a small sample size?

8 thoughts on “BugShot 2011 adopts Beetles in the Bush!”

  1. I would be there in a heartbeat if I could! It’s the start of the semester, though, which is a really busy time.

    Would you like me to plug it on the Bug Blog?
    That might get a few non-bug types, since I have a really random set of readers 🙂

    1. That’s a shame you can’t make it, bug girl- the weekend would certainly benefit from your presence!

      I’d appreciate it if you could mention BugShot on your blog. The registration has been filling, but we might still have a few spaces open.

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