The First Annual Accidental Bug Blogging Conference, Ecuador 2011

Bug bloggers are not exactly a large community. If I were optimistic I’d say that there are 100 of us around the world. Maybe. So it’s not as though I expect to run into another bug blogger in any given random place.

Random, say, like an Ecuadorian cloud forest:

Brigette Zacharczenko & Alex at the Yanayacu field station

While Mrs. Myrmecos and I were travelling about collecting Linepithema in rural Ecuador this January, we stopped in at the Yanayacu biological station for lunch. While there, we were engaged in conversation by a rather enthusiastic young woman positively ecstatic to be entomologizing in the tropics.

She looked somehow familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why. She’s a bit quicker than I, though, and pieced together enough dots to suddenly realize that we were both world-famous bug bloggers. It was Weird Bug Lady! You probably know her as the artist behind this adorable menagerie of plush arthropods.

The reason I mention this is that Brigette has just started a charming new blog on caterpillars. Go read.

4 thoughts on “The First Annual Accidental Bug Blogging Conference, Ecuador 2011”

  1. Thinking about that day still cracks me up, who knows where we might run into each other again! So far of bug bloggers I’ve met you and Bug Girl (who now lives near me). Thanks for the link to my new blog, I’m about to go into the lab right now to get more caterpillar photos 🙂

    1. Once I get my new lab started at UCF this fall I’m hoping to start an ant and social insect ecology/biology blog. Of course, by saying so, someone else will probably think it is a good idea and beat me to the punch, but anyhow, that is my plan.

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