Bug bloggers are not exactly a large community. If I were optimistic I’d say that there are 100 of us around the world. Maybe. So it’s not as though I expect to run into another bug blogger in any given random place.

Random, say, like an Ecuadorian cloud forest:

Brigette Zacharczenko & Alex at the Yanayacu field station

While Mrs. Myrmecos and I were travelling about collecting Linepithema in rural Ecuador this January, we stopped in at the Yanayacu biological station for lunch. While there, we were engaged in conversation by a rather enthusiastic young woman positively ecstatic to be entomologizing in the tropics.

She looked somehow familiar, but I couldn’t figure out why. She’s a bit quicker than I, though, and pieced together enough dots to suddenly realize that we were both world-famous bug bloggers. It was Weird Bug Lady! You probably know her as the artist behind this adorable menagerie of plush arthropods.

The reason I mention this is that Brigette has just started a charming new blog on caterpillars. Go read.