Blacklighting at Hallelujah Junction, 2002

For many entomologists, summer means warm evenings in the wilderness with a UV light and a cooler full of beer.

Students from the UC Davis Entomology 109 field class wait for darkness in a California desert (2002)

3 thoughts on “Blacklighting at Hallelujah Junction, 2002”

  1. Ah yes, hoping to do some blacklighting somewhere other than my backyard soon! Reminds me, though, that I have a lack of beer as I wait here for some Acronicta to appear on my back porch…

  2. What timing! I’m an undergrad at Davis and, having stumbled into your site recently, and noticed the location of some of your photos, I found your CV to confirm that you came through the entomology department here. I haven’t met Phil Ward yet (I work in a pollination research lab down the hall), but he apparently organizes the regular Friday night joint-lab happy hour, and since you’ve clued me into the wonder of ants I feel I might have something to say now.

    I’ve been fixating on this summer course, is the coincidence. It’s offered next summer and I only hope that I’ll be chosen to participate. When I found a detailed description of it, what people in the lab have referred to as bug boot camp, I was sold. I don’t have a lot of collection/identification experience, and/but it seems impossibly wonderful.

    I’m thrilled to have found your sites! I feel as if I’ve finally penetrated the entomologist blog circle I’ve been searching for (I found you through Ainsley’s twitter; I’ve followed her at LiveJournal for a long while). Yours is particularly great, because photography is an even longer-standing joy for me than entomology, and you seem to do (work, live, share) both very well.

    1. Ent 109 is an amazing, amazing experience- I hope you get to take it!

      I was lucky enough to enroll as a student in 2000, and then TA the class in 2002 and again in 2004. It’s safe to say that most of my general insect ID skills came from those summers in the Sierra Nevada.

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