Sunday Night Movie: A Documentary on Mollusks

Monty Python‘s humor may appear absurd, but the farce is built on deeper observation of human foibles. This take on nature documentaries (I’m looking at you, Animal Planet) is spot-on:

6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: A Documentary on Mollusks”

  1. HA… this cracked me up because when I lead beach ecology classes for middle school students I do touch on the bizarre (to us) sex life of the whelk! I guess you could say I’m doing exactly what the nature shows this is mocking do, appealing to the lowest common denominator, but there’s something undeniably fun about seeing the shocked looks on kids’ faces when I tell them that knobbed whelks are all born boys and then all turn into girls when they get big enough to lay eggs. (I’ve been sorely tempted several times to bring up barnacles’ penises when talking about their life cycle, but I’ve restrained myself since that probably crosses the line from PG to R, so to speak.)

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