New Lepidoptera Image Gallery

Tithorea (Ecuador)

It’s sort of amazing that I’ve maintained an insect photography site for years without including any butterflies or moths. Partly, that’s because Lepidoptera remains something of a mystery to me. Lepidopteran taxonomy employs different characters than I’m used to using, and photographing the larger, showier adults requires a completely different set of optics than the camera kit I’ve assembled for shooting ants & beetles. Plus, the group certainly doesn’t lack people willing to photograph them, especially the spectacularly colorful butterflies.

Yet, Lepidoptera are important insects. Their larvae are our planet’s premier herbivores, consuming tremendous quantities of plant tissue. Over millenia, they have shaped botanical physiology into the forms & flavors we recognize in modern plants.

Thus, I have caved to the need to recognize these animals with their own image gallery:

Lovely Lepidoptera


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  1. When I try to photograph butterflies they are seriously uncooperative. They are always folding or opening their wings so you can’t possibly get a sense of the color patterns. Argh!

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