Sunday Night Movie: The Swarm

Trailer for the 1978 killer bee thriller “The Swarm“:

It is more than speculation; it is a prediction!

Does anyone understand what that is supposed to mean?

11 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: The Swarm”

  1. Well, one doesn’t speculate on the weather, one predicts it. Speculation is less uncertain than a prediction.

    Yeah, I’m not sure either.

    I also like “We have made visual contact.”

    1. For all the quaking in my boots “IT’S A PREDICTION!” gives me, they may as well have said “MOST OF OUR MODEL PROJECTIONS SUGGEST IT!”

      Perhaps those sorts of things were scarier in the 70’s.

  2. Michael Suttkus, II

    Predictions never fail to the true believer! They just get backdated a little bit. Killer bees are coming to destroy us all! PANIC AND FEAR! But I can save you with some homeopathic killer bee repellent. It’s all natural, does not harm the environment, and can be yours for $22.95! One does is all you need to protect your family from Irwin Allen movies until I need more money!

      1. Michael Suttkus, II

        No, but for $29.95, you can get a supply of my homeopathic explosion repellent. How do you think those guys in movies outrun explosions? They take my homeopathic explosion repellent and the explosion just can’t get close to them!

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