Another cover

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Back in the day I would correspond with photo editors about the particulars of a photo licensing arrangement. I’d email a file or two over, we’d have a back and forth, I’d write up an invoice, and a few weeks later I’d walk to the bank and cash a check. All told I might spend several hours completing a transaction for a cover like this.

Thanks to the miracle of modern internet things (especially, the wizards behind my image host SmugMug), clients can now download directly from my galleries, electronically sign a standard agreement, and money arrives to my account. My time commitment is reduced to the ten seconds it takes to read the alert email from SmugMug. Then, magically, an ant shows up on the front of PCT.

Of course, I’ve heard rumors that people used to send photographs with the Postal Service. How odd.

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    1. Young… perhaps; but not in the whippersnapper category !

      At least you don’t have to solder the electrons to make a blog these days.

  1. Very nice, though I wonder how many of the readers of that publication appreciate the beauty of the animal in front of them when they pull that issue out of the mailbox…

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