Sunday Night Movie: Magicicada

From the BBC’s astounding series Life in the Undergrowth:

It just so happens that we here in central Illinois are expecting Brood XIX to emerge shortly. I haven’t experienced periodical cicadas since my childhood- how exciting to be able to witness one of the great insect phenomena!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie: Magicicada”

  1. Those don’t sound like the Cicada’s we have here in NJ. They look slightly different too. I still remember the day one of those was on our bathroom screen window. Scared more than the hell out of me when is sounded.

    If you encounter any Cicada Hunters (a wasp) be sure to get pictures of those too. They’re quite big ground nesting wasps but from my understanding they’re also harmless. I know people who used to play tennis with them.

  2. James.C. Trager

    They’ll be out in droves around here soon, too. I’m ready finding lots of the mature nymphs when I dig near the wooded edge of my yard, etc. Really one of the great, periodic, ecological phenomena of eastern USA.

  3. James.C. Trager

    Forgot to mention, our brood in the southern half of Missouri is XIX, the so-called Great Southern Brood of 13-year cicadas. I still vividly remember the last emergence in 1998. Both then and now I noted a few early risers in the year before. As in 1999, I anticipate a few late ones next year, too.

  4. I’d never heard of the finger-snapping trick before. I’ve got to try that with our local cicadas this summer. We are too far north for the big Magicicada broods, but we do have Tibicen canicularis, Okanagana rimosa, and Okanagana canadensis, which come out pretty much every year. The Okanagana species are not too hard to find because they sing mostly from low shrubs, but the Tibicens tend to be up in tall trees where they hear me coming long before I can get close enough to pinpoint them. I wonder if I can draw the Tibicens down from the tree by snapping my fingers?

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