The…um…Wednesday Morning Movie

I took a brief blogcation this weekend, travelling to New Orleans for my sister’s wedding, and I missed posting the Sunday Night Movie. I hope to make it up to you with the best spider in the entire galaxy:

Things really get going around the 3 minute mark.

(Video via Jurgen Otto)

14 thoughts on “The…um…Wednesday Morning Movie”

  1. The way the iridescent green patch changed to black at certain angles — has anyone checked for interesting polarization or UV reflectance/fluorescence signaling in this species?

    It’s been found in other spiders– for example:
    Lim et al. 2007. “Sex-Specific UV and Fluorescence Signals in Jumping Spiders”

    Not sure if there’s been research done on spiders signaling with polarized light, but some groups can see it:

    Dacke et al. 2001. “Polarized light detection in spiders”

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  3. Did I miss see the last male who was successful or was he missing a pedipalp?

    The males getting caught and eaten reminds me of one of undergraduate projects describing the courtship dances of two species of Zygoballus (Araneae: Salticidae). I miss matched a male and female and when I introduced the male into the female’s arena, he pierced her pretty cephalothorax. I tried to continue working but I was so upset, I had to quit for the day. I still have a vivid memory of that shock.

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