Answer to the Monday Night Mystery

That lovely caterpillar was indeed a young Morpho butterfly, as many of you guessed. Ten points to Piotr Naskrecki, who got there first.

Piotr, incidentally, is one of the finest nature photographers working today. If you don’t own a copy of his marvelous book you’re missing out on a real gem.

4 thoughts on “Answer to the Monday Night Mystery”

  1. I remember spending, well, way too much of my time in middle school just flipping through the pages of The Smaller Majority in my local library, just sitting on the floor right next to the bookshelf and looking at the awesome pics. When I visited the Harvard Museum of Natural History last summer, I still spent too much time gazing at those same pictures at the arthropod exhibit. Thanks so much Mr. Naskrecki!

    1. Alex, thanks for the plug. Jason, thanks for your comment. Just FYI, my new book “Relics” is coming out at the end of the summer, and it is better than “The Smaller Majority”, if I may say so myself.

      1. Piotr, I cannot wait for your new book to come out! You are an inspiration in so many ways.
        (and another one of the roaches you gave me molted to maturity, I’m up to three adults now) 🙂

  2. I have to add my enthusiastic endorsement of Piotr’s book. I recently gave a presentation ( in which I discussed how I entered the world of the arthropod macrophotography.

    The three individuals who, unknown to them, most influenced my interest in macrophotography as a result of their work are Alex, Ted MacCrae and Piotr. And I’ve only met one of them in person…

    You have to love how technology, and the willingness of individuals who have mastered the art, have made the world of arthropod macrophotography something achievable for the rest of us!

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